I Love Women In Art

Bianca Kennedy & Janine Mackenroth

I Love Women In Art, 2020
I Love Women In Art, 2020
I Love Women In Art, 2020
I Love Women In Art, 2020 1/2
AAA is pleased to announce a new publication "I Love Women In Art," a collection of German artists Janine Mackenroth and Bianca Kennedy, drawing attention to the still prevailing underrepresentation of female positions in German art history.

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224 pages
ISBN 978-3-9821741-1-2
The decision to start this project by German artists Janine Mackenroth and Bianca Kennedy came about after more than two years of research into exhibitions in Germany.  

In 2020, artists Janine Mackenroth and Bianca Kennedy are celebrating 100 years of women at German art academies — an anniversary that has so far been too quiet. To commemorate the pioneers, the two artists have asked 100 female cultural workers, museum directors, gallery owners, collectors and curators to write a text about a work of art by a German artist or an artist living in Germany. The result is a survey exhibition in book form on the occasion of this important anniversary and at the same time the first collection of 100 female artists in Germany -- “I Love Women in Art."

On average 50% fewer female artists and their works are seen in exhibitions, (public) collections, giving lower auction results, fewer female professors at universities, lower incomes — and this with 60% female academy graduates for over 20 years. The past 100 years of progress towards gender equality in Germany is cause for celebration.

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