Del Kathryn Barton

love wants to give

Del Kathryn Barton
Solo presentation: "love wants to give"
Albertz Benda, Los Angeles
18.11. - 16.12.2022
Arndt Art Agency is delighted to announce the November 18th opening of "love wants to give", Del Kathryn Barton’s first Los Angeles solo exhibition at Albertz Benda, and third solo presentation with the gallery.

Del Kathryn Barton returns to the United States with a body of work that is expansive, powerful and interconnected in its exploration and construction of love. Love Wants to Give unites Barton’s distinct visual languages with the notion of art as a life source that is rooted in an ever-present, humming undercurrent of love.   The works are laden with the artist’s signature hyperbolic colour-palettes and details, while remaining grounded in earthiness of Australian-alluding flora and fauna. The boundaries between real and dream-state, natural and constructed, internal and external, are interrogated and dissolved by Barton, revealing the space for the transcendent experience of deep connection as all that can be truly known.

Barton’s characters, in the form of female figures (with their oft averted and always guiding gazes) and emotive animal companions, are tied together with the visual motif of the thread of vibratory love and universal emotionality. This thread is the symbol of interconnectedness between different universes, different spheres of existence, that ties us together.

Throughout the works, divine feminine love is revealed as an organic, evolving, energetic life source that permeates from the artist into each canvas and unflinchingly embodies the radical fierceness of raw existence.  This show is an intimate, concentrated, distilled essence of Barton’s work – the eruptions of colour, the balance of detailed and broad strokes, and the compositional dream scape reminds any viewer that love wants to give.  
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